helps to reduce the risk flu and adenovirus infection by creating an invisible protective three-feet-wide dome around a person.

It could be used both for adults and for children 0+.
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Чтобы не пропустить, заполни форму, и мы сообщим тебе, когда и где можно будет купить Virus Barrier+
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When and where to use
"I can't wear a protective mask for a long period of time and it would be great to go for a walk, to take a breath fresh air." — Dmitriy
"Less than a week in the nursery school, and my child gets seek again!" — Irina
"During the flowering period, you can't find a place to hide. You become more sensitive to any other allergens." — Sergey
"All the family members are worried about our grandpa health so we want to be sure he is well-protected from viruses when we are not around him" — Svetlana
South Korea is one of the world leaders in medicine. Every year the best doctors make innovative discoveries and develop new methods of dealing with colds and SARS.
One of their innovations is Virus Barrier+.
It is small and portable. You can have it with you anywhere in the special travel bag
at office
at school
in public spaces
at home
in a car
Product details
Operating principle
Virus Barrier+ inhibits viral activity at 3 feet around you using chlorine dioxide.
Antiviral activity
Virus Barrier+ counteracts influenza type A virus, adenovirus and main types of viruses by oxidizing their proteins
How to use
Open the Virus Barrier+ package
Insert the Virus Barrier+ cartridge into the case
Write down the date of first usage and lock the case lid
Attach the strap to the case
Put the case on the strap on your neck
Now you have 60 days of protection by innovative antivirus device Virus Barrier+.
Virus Barrier+ is safe not only for people but also for the environment. You can dispose it with household waste.
Allergy and mosquitoes protection
During the flowering period Virus Barrier+ is very useful for people with respiratory allergies.
Virus Barrier+ is safe for humans because chlorine dioxide concentration does not exceed the safe level that have been proved by a lot of tests. The newest test has been made by Korea Conformity Laboratories on April 16, 2020.
Virus Barrier+ work life is 2 month!
After that just buy a new replacement cartridge.
1400 RUR
About us
How we decided to start manufacturing of antiseptics and bioprotective substances? The world changes swiftly and companies constantly meet new challenges. Abruptly increased need of disinfectants for our internal use became one of such challenges for Osnova Group of companies.

At once we realized that we can help other people and companies to solve the same problem. In association with our partner we upgraded the production line working since 2012 and started manufacturing of the new disinfectants range under the brand chisto. From that moment human health and safety protection became an important line of business for our Group of companies.

Human health and safety protection is one of the priorities for our Group of companies business.
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